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Kosher Ice Cream in Buenos Aires
Freddo Kosher Ice creams
Freedo offers a kosher ice cream line for all their customers to enjoy of top quality ice cream.
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Chungo Kosher ice creams
A family owned and operated business, Chungo is now introducing its Kosher ice cream line. Under supervision of Achdut Israel.
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The Kosher ice cream parlor of Belgrano neighborhood. Supervision by Rab. Oppenheimer
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Maichel kosher Ice Cream
Ice cream dessert. The kosher sensation for kosher ice creams.You can´t miss it!
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Persicco Kosher
Persicco offers over 60 ice cream flavors. Kosher Certified since 2004.
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Tutim Kosher Ice Cream
Find a full line of kosher ice cream under the supervision of Rav. Chehebar.
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