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"...everything is illuminated in the light of the past. It is always along the side of us, on the inside, looking out. Like you say, inside out." From the film Everything is illuminated.

Excepting certain settlements of Jewish farmers in Brazil, agriculture among the Jews in South America has been confined to the Argentine colonies established by the Jewish Colonization Association of Paris. In August, 1891, by the direction of Baron de Hirsch, some 3,000 square leagues of land were purchased in various parts of the Argentine Republic, for $1,300,000 (£260,000). In all, over 17,000,000 acres were acquired. The colonies were named for Baron and Baroness Maurice de Hirsch. At first two tracts were set apart for colonization: one, located  in the province of Buenos Aires and called Mauricio; the other, in the province of Santa Fé and called Moiseville.

Colonists began to arrive in the summer of 1891 in such numbers that by the end of the year they numbered 2,850.

Moiseville, in the province of Santa Fe, is the oldest of the Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Argentina. It was founded by Russian immigrants in 1890, before the establishment of the Jewish Colonization Association, but was reorganized by that association in 1891.

Moiseville has become a center for the purchase of provisions by neighboring colonists, many Italian settlers resorting to it for this purpose.

Workshop oriented to searchers, educators and students.

Brief of contents
Jewish Colonization in Argentina: Moisesville, Basavilbaso, Villa Clara among others.

Historic background. Jewish Colonization Association. Following the path cemetery, synagogue, school.

Jewish Colonies nowadays.

Trip to the Colonies
. Visiting synagogues, cemeteries, schools, and Jewish museums.

Reading of Los Gauchos Judíos by Alberto Gerchunoff. (Jewish cowboys).

Suggested film: Los Gauchos Judíos.

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